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Successful start of new production unit for water-based film laminating adhesives at WEILBURGER Graphics
Gerhardshofen, 02/19/2008 – After successful market launch of the new SENOBOND® WB FILM LAMINATING ADHESIVE product line last year, WEILBURGER Graphics have also successfully started the new production unit for these products a few days ago. After a planning and construction time of only 9 months, the 350 thousand Euro unit was started as planned on 9 January.

Due to the huge success, WEILBURGER Graphics have already achieved with this new product line, the management decided in favour of an adjustment of the unit which is worth to be seen. With the new production unit WEILBURGER Graphics are able to achieve a production capacity of more than 4,000 tons of laminating adhesive per year. “In order to visualise this number you have to imagine 570 million laminated sheets in 3B format. These are 400 million square metres and would cover almost 50,000 football pitches.” Günter Korbacher, managing director of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH.

In order to cope with this enormous amount logistically, the raw material and interim storage in Gerhardshofen was enlarged, so that there is additional space for 40 tons of SENOBOND® WB FILM LAMINATING ADHESIVE.

Dr. Manfred Becker: “Our highest aim is the satisfaction of our customers. In order to ensure this in the long term it is essential to provide high quality products which are available, without interruption. Production shortages are not acceptable. Our new production unit guarantees permanent top quality at shortest delivery time even with this new product line.”

With the new water-based film laminating adhesive, WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH now complete their extensive product range of water-based primer, glues and varnishes which are optimally adjusted to each other.

At the moment SENOBOND® WB FILM LAMINATING ADHESIVE is available in two different versions under the product numbers 375200 and 375202 via WEILBURGER Graphics or their partners. Further adjusted versions are planned and will be available soon.

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WEILBURGER Graphics on FachPack 2007

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A considerable success for the varnish specialist from Gerhardshofen
Gerhardshofen, Germany – Also this year WEILBURGER Graphics participated at the FachPack, a trade fair for packaging materials that takes place biyearly in Nürnberg. The main topic was brand protection on the common stand of the PrintCity project group Brand Protection. Together with the companies Jura JSP, Kurz, MAN Roland and Merck the visitors were informed about the current possibilities of strategical brand protection during the three fair days. Especially new materials and methods as well as the achieved knowledge, developments and sample packaging of the common cooperation of all members of the project group appealed to the visitors.