WEILBURGER Graphics continues to rely on training and ongoing growth

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Gerhardshofen, Dec. 1st 2008 – From the very beginning, WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, with its registered office in Gerhardshofen, has relied on successful personnel management and ongoing growth. The company also takes the training of new skilled workers with a view to the long term very seriously, and this is illustrated not least by the high levels of qualification achieved by young up-and-coming staff members trained in-house. A greater-than-average number of WEILBURGER Graphics trainees regularly complete their training as the best in their class. Almost all of them remain with the company.

As from this year, the new trainees are:
  • Andrea Pinsenschaum, industrial business management assistant
  • Denise Mertins, industrial business management assistant
  • Tobias Zeihe, laboratory assistant for coatings
  • Bastian Kunesch, chemical production specialist
  • Jochen Weghorn, chemical production specialist
The following trainees have completed their training this year with distinction:
  • Felix Lucht, industrial business management assistant,    
    best of rural district Neustadt a. d. Aisch / Bad Windsheim
  • Andrea Öchsner, laboratory assistant for coatings,    
    best of her year in Central Franconia
  • Martin Rosenzweig,    
    first trained as a laboratory assistant for coatings, best of his year in Germany,    
    then attended Stuttgart's College of Coatings Technology,   
    completing his training there as a state-certified paint and coatings technician with distinction

In addition to the above, new jobs are created regularly as WEILBURGER Graphics continues to grow. Thus it was possible to take on some additional employees yet again, only a few weeks after the staff reshuffle and expansion in September this year.
New employees of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH:
  • Stefan Sobotta, domestic administration
  • Bastian Schäfer, in-house technical service
  • Marion Zelgy, export administration
  • Olaf Hertel, export administration

For further information go to www.weilburger-graphics.de

Am Rosenbühl 5
D - 91466 Gerhardshofen
Tel.: +49 9163 9992-0
Fax: +49 9163 654


You can download the complete press kit for this release inclusive all documents in english and german language and high-resolution image material at this link:  http://www.weilburger-graphics.de/files/PR/WG_PR_HR_ED.zip  (44MB)


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Caption:     New trainees as from 2008 – Bastian Kunesch, Tobias Zeihe, Denise Mertins, Jochen Weghorn, Andrea Pinsenschaum (from left to right)


Caption:     Felix Lucht, Andrea Öchsner and Martin Rosenzweig (from left to right), who completed their training successfully in 2008

Caption:    New employees of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH – Olaf Hertel, Stefan Sobotta, Marion Zelgy, Bastian Schäfer (from left to right)

About WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH 

WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH is one of the leading companies in the field of print finishing for packaging, labels and job printing.

Activities are in sheetfed offset, heatset web offset, off-line coating, screen printing, flexo, gravure, narrow web and digital printing. Tailor-made products are available for packaging, labels and job printing. Services include seminars and specific advice.

WEILBURGER Graphics is one of twelve sister companies of the GREBE Group, medium-sized manufacturers of industrial coatings.