WEILBURGER Graphics upgrades their service range

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Press statement – for immediate release

WEILBURGER Graphics upgrades their service range

Gerhardshofen, 10. February 2012 – The WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH based in franconian Gerhardshofen, exploited the short winter break of the festive days to renew and upgrade their capacities and service range. In addition to the further development of the storage and shipping department, the company, together with specialists of their trade, RSW-Orga GmbH, implemented a new inventory management system with integrated CRM module. The RSW-Orga GmbH offers a fully developed industry solution for the chemical industry, which has been engineered in a long-lasting collaboration with medium-sized enterprises, many of them members of the association of the coating industry. A formula oriented batch production, an item-drum-logic specific for chemicals as well as a continuous hazardous material management are, amongst others, integrated in the solution.

Furthermore through the activation of the CRM module a further improvement of the service is reached with the goal to attend to and advise the customers of the WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH in the best possible way. In the area of storage, the already available capacities at the headquarters in Gerhardshofen have been expanded again and so space for more than 2,500 euro pallets was created. This is a considerable part of the business strategy, to provide customers as quickly as possible with the required products from WEILBURGER Graphics. Additionally the company extended their business hours on the weekend and is available on Fridays until 4.30 p.m. for their customers from around the world.

The general manager of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH, Mr. Günter Korbacher, comments on these improvements: “We took advantage of the turn of the year holidays as well as the beginning of 2012 to broaden our IT structure and align it towards the future. The start of our new inventory management system on January 2nd 2012 was a brilliant success. We were able to start working right from the start and attend to our customers without problems.” Günter Korbacher adds: “The WEILBURGER Graphics is clearly on a path of expansion and so we can assume that our product – and business philosophies are tuned ideally to the markets needs and will be accepted by it. With the aid of the new CRM system we will be able to advise and support our customers more specifically and together with our partners we aspire to a continuous rising customer satisfaction.”

For further information go to www.weilburger-graphics.de

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Caption: Most of the Gerhardshofen crew after a hard day’s work.

Caption: Günter Korbacher – managing director of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH

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