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Press statement – for immediate release

New SENOSOFT® MATT COATING with a tactile experience from WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH

Improved formulation for an even more noticeable effect

Gerhardshofen, March 13th 2013 – The WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH starts the year with a completely newly developed formulation of its SENOSOFT® WB MATT COATING. This new coating not only improves the soft tactile effect, but also brings properties and values that are sure to increase a graphic designer’s heartbeat. It is so that the new SENOSOFT® WB coating reaches gloss values lower than 10 gloss points, differentiating it optically from other matt coatings. Furthermore, despite its soft and velvety surface it is also suited for hot foil stamping applications and can be spot-coated with UV lacquers. The scratch resistance was improved and reaches very good values for a matt coating. It is likewise possible to use it on double sided applications as well as on many finishing procedures thanks to its safe blocking resistance.

Through the addition of a special hardening additive it can even be used over glossy OPP films or metalized PET laminated board and at the same time improve its resistance to chemicals.

The high effectiveness of this coating is due to the combination of highly concentrated softening pigments and a low application amount (around 9 cm3/m2), which positively influences the economic viability of long print runs.

Arno Duerr, Sales Director of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH comments about the new formulation: “With our newly developed SENOSOFT® WB MATT COATING we have truly achieved a new milestone in our product portfolio. Not only due to its gorgeous tactile effect – which depending on its application feels like an apricot skin or a rubber ducky – but also thanks to the huge diversity of applications, making it a highlight within our product family. The coating is currently being tested by an independent institute to determine its suitability for food packaging applications.” Arno Duerr continues: “Again, we are very eager to see which application and finishing alternatives our customers, designers, brand owners and print shops discover and think of for this varnish, and we are sincerely considering doing a SENOSOFT® - themed marketing campaign.”

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Caption: New SENOSOFT® MATT COATING with a tactile experience