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Fit for export – WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH receives AEO-F Certificate

WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH is now an Authorized Economic Operator

Gerhardshofen, 10. September 2013 – WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH receives from the 30th August 2013 on the Authorized Economic Operator status with an AEO-F certificate (customs simplifications/ security and safety) and with it the highest level in the framework of the AEO certification.

The increasing globalization and the changing international security situation prompted the World Customs Organisation (WCO) to establish a “Safe Framework of Standards” (SAFE) as worldwide conditions for an effective risk management in the customs administration.

The security policy aspects of SAFE were implemented at European level by security amendments to the EU Customs Code and in the Customs Code Implementing Provisions. The introduction of the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) represents a considerable element of the EU Security Strategy.

A company with AEO obtains a special status: It is deemed to be particularly reliable and trustful and can therefore make use of special privileges within the framework of customs clearance.

The aim is to ensure a traceable international supply chain from the manufacturer of a product up to the end user. In order to do this, a worldwide recognition of the AEO status is necessary. Until now there are agreements with Switzerland, Norway, Japan and the USA. At the moment there are further negotiations with third countries (such as China).

The Authorized Economic Operator status is valid in all member states and it is permanent. There are three different statuses:
  • AEO certificate "Customs Simplifications" (AEO-C)
  • AEO certificate "Security and Safety" (AEO-S)
  • AEO certificate " Customs Simplifications / Security and Safety" " (AEO-F)
The variants differ in their licensing conditions and in the advantages obtained.

The status of AEO is authorized to resident applicants which are involved in economic activities covered by customs legislation and which fulfill licensing requirements.

Taking into account the respective certificate type, an Authorized Economic Operator is entitled to make use of numerous benefits within the range of customs checks for safety matters and/or simplification according to customs regulations.

Günter Korbacher, General Manager of WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH commented the successful audit as follows: “We made the conscious decision to go through a voluntary audit for the AEO-F certificate in order to strengthen our standpoint regarding the EG Security Initiative against terrorism. By receiving this status as one of the first companies in the printing chemicals industry, our positive image is not only reinforced once again but we also acquire various measurable benefits. Due to the now simplified export of our products, we are convinced to shorten our delivery times abroad even more. AEO-F certification is nearly comparable regarding time and effort with a DIN EN ISO 9001 in the quality management field and we are sure that it is only a matter of time until international markets choose suppliers regarding AEO status. Therefore we are very pleased to be present from the very beginning and at once to be considered fit for exporting our products worldwide.”

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Caption: WEILBURGER Graphics receives AEO certificate " Customs Simplifications / Security and Safety" " (AEO-F)